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What Makes Us Different

With over 20 years experience in creating & repairing foundations in the Ballarat Area, you can be assured the best job for a fair price.

Honesty & Transparency

We will be there to discuss your issue, work what needs to be done and offer you a free no obligation quote.

Guaranteed Experiences

Our team has over 65 years of experience in caring for foundations.

Keeping you informed

You will always know where your job is up to at all stages through the process.

peace of mind

We know we are dealing with your biggest asset, so we will treat your home like our own.

What is your foundation issue?

  • Cracks in walls or brickwork are visible or increasing in size (interior or exterior)

  • Cracks in the concrete slab around the house are increasing in size

  • Doors or windows have become difficult to open and close

  • Sloping floors are noticeable or have recently become more uneven

  • Gaps are opening up around door frames, windows or cornices
  • Need a second opinion on a foundation inspection or structural engineer’s report